Hotel Alavus

Hotel Alavus serves guests in the centre of Alavus, a 5-minute drive away from the Keskisen Kyläkauppa Store. Our compact and idyllic hotel has 18 rooms, as well as breakfast facilities, a lunch buffet, an à la carte restaurant, and a nightclub on weekends. The hotel is a self-catering hotel, and all bookings are made online.

The hotel’s location is a magnificent lake landscape, and it’s situated close to a wide range of leisure and outdoor activities as well as the services of an urban centre. Thanks to its great location, Hotel Alavus is an excellent option for those looking for a peaceful place to stay – one that is nevertheless close to the events and offers of the lively and exciting Kyläkauppa Store.

Järviluomantie 4, 63300 Alavus
tel. +358 10 770 7003
[email protected]